Business Sales
Thinking of Selling your business?
  • Looking to retire or is it time for a change of direction – to step off the treadmill?
  • Or have you been approached directly by an inquisitive purchaser and feel on your own in the negotiations? We can help!

Call AMS on 0845 1233 907 for a confidential, free valuation and advice on your next step.

We provide a comprehensive personal, experienced, proactive sales and marketing strategy to find a purchaser. With advice and help throughout the pre-sales process.

Once a purchaser has been found we negotiate the sale price, project manage the sale, guiding and assisting the many different parties such as solicitors, accountants and the purchaser to a signed deal.

Our services include:
  • Grooming the business for sale
  • Assessing the tax implications on the disposal
  • Drafting an information memorandum
  • Targeting buyers
  • Managing the deal through due diligence
  • Driving the deal to completion.
  • Buying and opening the Champagne on Completion Day.


We also maintain and constantly update our knowledge of the acquisition criteria of the range of purchasers including:
  • Private equity firms
  • UK trade purchasers
  • Overseas trade purchasers
  • Management Buy-out teams
  • Corporate Financial Purchasers


Why might you consider selling your business?
  • You may have received a tempting offer.
  • Your fellow shareholders may be keen to realise their investment.
  • There may be no obvious succession within the family or company
  • Perhaps you want to realise some capital for investment or retirement.
  • The next stage of growth for your business may require additional capital
  • Running the business is simply less challenging or rewarding than it used to be.

Needless to say there will always be a number of factors to consider in making the decision to sell including whether you will go it alone or instruct a professional, experienced company to assist you. The sale process is demanding, so it is important to understand and agree your motivations from the outset before the process commences. Whatever your reason for deciding to sell, probably the most important objective is to achieve the highest price for your business, whilst protecting your employees, and ensuring the business survives and prospers after sale. Like most business owners, you see the sale of your company as the ultimate reward for the risk you have taken and the effort that you have put in to the business over the years, it is your pension nest egg.

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